Saturday, April 16, 2016

Britbongreturns and MsAlchemy: Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

[19:26] thegingeminge: You are pretty vile
[19:26] MsAlchemy: whys that
[19:27] thegingeminge: whys that?
[19:27] thegingeminge: really
[19:27] thegingeminge: best if you didn't come back to the game
[19:27] thegingeminge: working with boyd and all
[19:27] MsAlchemy: what?
[19:27] MsAlchemy: I dont care about this drama stuff dude
[19:27] MsAlchemy: i barely talk to boyd
[19:27] thegingeminge: you posted shit about me and expect no response
[19:27] thegingeminge: lmao
[19:28] thegingeminge: if you think 4chan faggots are bad
[19:28] thegingeminge: just wait and see what happens
[19:28] MsAlchemy: bad/.
[19:28] MsAlchemy: mk
[19:29] thegingeminge: why are you working with my stalker?
[19:29] thegingeminge: whos been making fun of my mother in hospital for the past 4 days
[19:30] MsAlchemy: ive been playing a dice game in my friends room
[19:30] MsAlchemy: all day
[19:30] thegingeminge: you're lucky I don't know where you are
[19:30] MsAlchemy: i literally just got here
[19:30] thegingeminge:
[19:30] thegingeminge: oh?
[19:31] MsAlchemy: wow somethign with 1 note on it
[19:31] MsAlchemy: boy howdy that sure is viral
[19:31] MsAlchemy: monte sent him that
[19:31] MsAlchemy: not me
[19:31] MsAlchemy: we talked about this yesterday
[19:31] thegingeminge: you talk to people who hate me
[19:32] MsAlchemy: i had no idea who he was ive been here for 4 days now
[19:32] MsAlchemy: you could have at least pulled me to the side at one point
[19:33] MsAlchemy: drama is dumb, i just want silly fun of weirdos taking a sim too seriously and getting thrown around
[19:33] MsAlchemy: like those horses
[19:33] thegingeminge: oh yeah?
[19:34] thegingeminge: you caused it you piece of shit
[19:34] MsAlchemy: if your just gonna call me names why do you wanna talk to me
[19:34] thegingeminge: i am going to destroy you for this
[19:34] MsAlchemy: destroy what exactly
[19:34] MsAlchemy: 2 million people have seen my butthole
[19:34] MsAlchemy: maybe more
[19:34] MsAlchemy: I have literally no family
[19:35] thegingeminge: if only you knew who I know
[19:35] MsAlchemy: thats fine
[19:35] thegingeminge: this account will probably be terminated in the next week
[19:35] MsAlchemy: im sure you know some rad people
[19:35] MsAlchemy: oh nooo
[19:35] MsAlchemy: not my second life account
[19:36] thegingeminge: when you start wondering why all your accounts online start getting random logins you'll know why
[19:36] MsAlchemy: god i didnt thiink you took any of this that seriously
[19:36] MsAlchemy: from your vids
[19:36] thegingeminge: you trying to ruin my life
[19:36] thegingeminge: i take seriously
[19:36] MsAlchemy: oh yeah dude
[19:36] thegingeminge: you scummy piece of shit
[19:36] MsAlchemy: well if i wanted to be a jerk ill post it all
[19:37] MsAlchemy: but im not a jerk
[19:37] MsAlchemy: do you want me to just get off SL forever
[19:37] MsAlchemy: say it and i will
[19:37] MsAlchemy: i only came here from ur vids
[19:39] thegingeminge: lol your helping the person who harrasses my family
[19:39] thegingeminge: you fucking idiot
[19:39] MsAlchemy: wtf are u talking about
[19:39] MsAlchemy: idk who any of these people are
[19:39] MsAlchemy: i know LUI
[19:39] MsAlchemy: thats it
[19:40] thegingeminge: are you retarded
[19:40] thegingeminge: YOU
[19:40] thegingeminge: ARE
[19:40] MsAlchemy: -_-
[19:40] thegingeminge: HELPING
[19:40] thegingeminge: MY
[19:40] thegingeminge: STALKER
[19:40] thegingeminge: RETARD
[19:40] MsAlchemy: how did i do it
[19:40] MsAlchemy: monte did
[19:40] thegingeminge: talking to a boyd dick sucker
[19:41] MsAlchemy: i just met boyd yesterday
[19:41] MsAlchemy: talking about me in violet
[19:41] thegingeminge: you made yourself talked about
[19:41] thegingeminge: you complete idiot
[19:43] MsAlchemy: you take this too seriously
[19:43] MsAlchemy: who cares about this sprug fest drama
[19:43] thegingeminge: "you take people stalking your family seriously"
[19:43] thegingeminge: shut the fuck up retard
[19:44] thegingeminge: are you serious?
[19:44] thegingeminge: no shit I take stalking seriously
[19:44] MsAlchemy: then just stop coming on here
[19:44] thegingeminge: I've already made 10 idiots never come back
[19:44] MsAlchemy: thats fine
[19:44] thegingeminge: I have my ways lol
[19:44] MsAlchemy: i said you can literally ask me and i wont
[19:44] thegingeminge: to get rid of scum
[19:44] MsAlchemy: i said that last night even
[19:45] MsAlchemy: if you really wanted me to leave youd ask me to
[19:45] thegingeminge: leave
[19:45] MsAlchemy: fine I will
[19:47] MsAlchemy: it has nothing to do with any of the threats tho, I have literally nothing in my life that someone can take
[19:47] MsAlchemy: I'm doing it kuz i liked you, I dont like this version of you tho
[19:47] thegingeminge: take your own life
[19:47] thegingeminge: and stop ruining mine thanks
[19:47] MsAlchemy: classy
[19:48] thegingeminge: this is why I dont bring along retards to my trolls
[19:48] thegingeminge: thanks for reminding me not to invite idiots along next time
[19:50] MsAlchemy: Okay well i just archived all this just in case someone says this went down another way.
[19:51] thegingeminge: do I care
[19:51] MsAlchemy: telling me to kill myself really
[19:52] MsAlchemy: when  have i ever said a single mean thing about you
[19:52] thegingeminge: you passed my log
[19:52] thegingeminge: thats worse
[19:52] MsAlchemy: you told someone i hit on you
[19:53] MsAlchemy: and im engaged
[19:53] thegingeminge: you did
[19:53] thegingeminge: retard
[19:53] MsAlchemy: no i didnt lol
[19:53] MsAlchemy: i said i was flattered and if i wasent engaged i might
[19:53] MsAlchemy: thats about it
[19:53] MsAlchemy: idk you
[19:53] MsAlchemy: this is just a game
[19:53] thegingeminge: nobody gives a shit
[19:53] MsAlchemy: apparently you do
[19:54] thegingeminge: I just think you're a scumbag
[19:54] thegingeminge: :)
[19:54] MsAlchemy: that's fine
[19:55] MsAlchemy: that's out of my control at this point
[19:55] MsAlchemy: Dont msg me about drama anymore, if you dont bring things up it blows over
[19:56] thegingeminge: you brought it up
[19:56] MsAlchemy: really
[19:56] MsAlchemy: i jumped on your twitter
[19:56] thegingeminge: nobody posted your fucking log you retard
[19:56] MsAlchemy: and posted a bunch of that
[19:56] MsAlchemy: before you even talked to me
[19:56] MsAlchemy: hmm
[19:56] MsAlchemy: sounds legit
[19:56] thegingeminge: what?
[19:56] MsAlchemy: ur twitter posts u took down
[19:58] MsAlchemy: you realize your acting like the same people you make fun of in your videos
[19:58] MsAlchemy: people who take this autism simulator so seriously
[19:58] thegingeminge: your the autistic sperg who trusts anyone and everyone
[19:58] thegingeminge: passes all my shit out
[19:58] thegingeminge: fuck off
[19:59] MsAlchemy: I'm friendly and I came here for silly fun
[19:59] MsAlchemy: not drama
[19:59] thegingeminge: "silly fun" passes my logs out
[19:59] MsAlchemy: u asked for my skype
[19:59] MsAlchemy: u hit on me
[19:59] MsAlchemy: how is that my fault
[19:59] thegingeminge: you hit on me lol
[19:59] thegingeminge: actually your best buddy monezuma said it too in fact
[20:00] MsAlchemy: 
[1/15/2016 4:41:46 PM] Britbong: No I don't hate you though[1/15/2016 4:41:48 PM] Britbong: :P[1/15/2016 4:42:16 PM] ?Hunny ??: cool : )[1/15/2016 4:42:25 PM] Britbong: they were hot lol so why would I care[1/15/2016 4:42:28 PM] ?Hunny ??: I'm still just doing my hair to go to the pub[1/15/2016 4:42:32 PM] ?Hunny ??: o.o[1/15/2016 4:42:44 PM] ?Hunny ??: think so?[1/15/2016 4:42:48 PM] Britbong: of course[1/15/2016 4:42:53 PM] Britbong: mmm[1/15/2016 4:43:06 PM] ?Hunny ??: wow[1/15/2016 4:43:09 PM] Britbong: very fapable
[20:00] MsAlchemy: do you think im stupid enough not to archive all this first
[20:01] MsAlchemy: ^^^^
[20:01] MsAlchemy: leave me alone
[20:02] MsAlchemy: or ill give the log away
[20:02] thegingeminge: lol you're a fucking weirdo
[20:02] MsAlchemy: you think i havent been manipulated before
[20:02] thegingeminge:
[20:02] thegingeminge: referencing this
[20:02] thegingeminge: lol
[20:02] MsAlchemy: you messaged me first that someone sent you my nudes
[20:03] thegingeminge: yeah and?
[20:03] MsAlchemy: so you knew
[20:03] thegingeminge: ?
[20:03] MsAlchemy: just go away dude
[20:03] thegingeminge: your the one starting shit with me
[20:03] MsAlchemy: and none of my archive will see the light of day
[20:03] thegingeminge: passing my logs
[20:04] thegingeminge: epic fan bro
[20:04] thegingeminge: managed to act like a chode in less than 3 days
[20:04] MsAlchemy: LEAVE ME ALONE
[20:04] thegingeminge: you should apologize for posting my shit
[20:04] MsAlchemy: i already did to you yesterday
[20:05] MsAlchemy: want me to link that too
[20:05] thegingeminge: you were making excuses
[20:05] MsAlchemy: i legitimately said sorry to you
[20:05] thegingeminge: your gay drama made me waste 2 hoursa
[20:05] thegingeminge: i was editing
[20:05] MsAlchemy: my gay drama
[20:05] MsAlchemy: uh huh
[20:05] MsAlchemy: totally
[20:06] thegingeminge: when did I pass your logs?
[20:06] MsAlchemy: 
[20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"
[20:06] MsAlchemy: that was sent to me
[20:06] MsAlchemy: yesterday
[20:07] thegingeminge: so
[20:07] thegingeminge: ?
[20:07] thegingeminge: I didn't post any log
[20:07] thegingeminge: could have just denied it
[20:07] MsAlchemy: -_-
[20:07] MsAlchemy: calling me a tranny alone id unfriend someone for
[20:08] MsAlchemy: let alone saying things completely out of context
[20:09] MsAlchemy: i've already screenshotted everything and hosted all of it too just incase my comp fucks up
[20:09] MsAlchemy: leave me alone
[20:10] thegingeminge: you are trans?
[20:10] thegingeminge: "i'd remove someone for"
[20:10] MsAlchemy: its a gross comment
[20:10] MsAlchemy: and i dont associate with people who are negative
[20:10] MsAlchemy: sure theres random people walking around chatting to me
[20:11] MsAlchemy: but im never going to add them
[20:11] MsAlchemy: or like them
[20:11] thegingeminge: The ones on Sl don't care
[20:11] thegingeminge: I used to be friends with one on here
[20:11] thegingeminge: i don't even get that at all
[20:11] MsAlchemy: yeah dude every person is the same
[20:11] MsAlchemy: ur right
[20:11] MsAlchemy: my mistake
[20:11] thegingeminge: le trigger warning
[20:11] MsAlchemy: -_-
[20:11] MsAlchemy: its very hard to offend me
[20:12] thegingeminge: i am sorry for being pissed off but
[20:12] MsAlchemy: it doesnt mean id be their friend tho
[20:12] thegingeminge: i am pretty disgusted you passed my logs
[20:12] thegingeminge: directly to someone who stalks my fucking family of all people
[20:12] thegingeminge: you try to trivialize it
[20:12] MsAlchemy: well you called me a tranny to someone and said i hit on you WHILE IM ENGAGED
[20:12] MsAlchemy: i said sorry yesterday
[20:12] MsAlchemy: drama is dumb
[20:12] thegingeminge: it's not even the CONTENT of what you shared idiot, you shared a log which means you would do it again
[20:13] MsAlchemy: someone who calls me a fucking tranny and says I tried fucking them
[20:13] MsAlchemy: thats low dude, especially after you removed me on both mediums
[20:13] thegingeminge: you did say you would fuck me though lmao
[20:14] thegingeminge: if you weren't married
[20:14] MsAlchemy: ^
[20:14] thegingeminge: "i'd jump at the chance" in fact
[20:14] MsAlchemy: thats WAY different out of context
[20:14] MsAlchemy: which is exactly what was said
[20:14] MsAlchemy: "if you weren't married"
[20:14] MsAlchemy: you never included that
[20:15] MsAlchemy: you called me a tranny and tried making me look like some thirsty slut
[20:16] MsAlchemy: i logged in and walked up talking to you yesterday all happy
[20:16] MsAlchemy: to find that i was removed on skype and SL
[20:16] MsAlchemy: and then i get a msg form a random person
[20:16] MsAlchemy: (monte)
[20:16] MsAlchemy: what am I supposed to think
[20:16] thegingeminge: i didn't even say it maliciously
[20:16] MsAlchemy: you do this to yourself, i liked you
[20:16] thegingeminge: i would have just denied it if he asked again
[20:17] thegingeminge: but instead you logshared
[20:17] thegingeminge: to be malicious
[20:17] MsAlchemy: to show that it was out of context
[20:17] MsAlchemy: nigga if i was trying to be malicious you know damn well a lot of what else was said is a lot worse
[20:17] MsAlchemy: I'm nice and I am patient
[20:18] thegingeminge: you didn't even message me first
[20:18] thegingeminge: seems like you were trolling
[20:18] MsAlchemy: I TRIED
[20:18] MsAlchemy: ON SL AND SKYPE
[20:18] thegingeminge: wow it really matters what an ugly dork like montezuma says
[20:18] MsAlchemy: this is before he even msged me
[20:18] thegingeminge: everyone makes fun of the little wormie
[20:18] MsAlchemy: IDK THESE PEOPLE
[20:18] thegingeminge: alright well I apologize
[20:18] MsAlchemy: that day we met was my first night on
[20:19] thegingeminge: if you know the stress i am under you wouldn't be doing this shit right now
[20:19] MsAlchemy: i still can barely use the interface
[20:19] MsAlchemy: all i get is told how stupid i am
[20:19] thegingeminge: stop making it "sl shit" when you're contributing to my stalkers gay blog
[20:19] MsAlchemy: and how you hate me
[20:19] MsAlchemy: im not posting any of this crap
[20:19] MsAlchemy: u think i care about drama
[20:19] MsAlchemy: i dont
[20:19] thegingeminge: should have denied it was true then
[20:20] MsAlchemy: well Ill keep that in mind
[20:20] MsAlchemy: and i apologized to you yesterday without any excuses
[20:21] MsAlchemy: id rather take a blame in any situation to protect a friendship
[20:21] MsAlchemy: why do you think i immidiotly went to violet and said you didnt know anything about me
[20:21] MsAlchemy: hate me all you want and avoid me after this, thats fine
[20:21] MsAlchemy: but you cant just blame me
[20:22] MsAlchemy: and I appreciate this  "

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