Saturday, April 16, 2016

Britbongreturns and MsAlchemy: Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain

When I publish parts of their earlier conversation Britbong confronts MsAlchemy about it, making it clerar that he's not angry because she's trans (he knew already) but that it had gotten back to me.

[5:34:01 AM] Britbong: pretty stupid to try shit with me living in your country
[5:34:03 AM] Britbong: haha
[5:35:22 AM] ?Hunny ??: try shit?
[5:35:27 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew
[5:35:34 AM] Britbong: WHAT
[5:35:36 AM] Britbong: ?
[5:35:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew I was
[5:35:51 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's why I was surprised
[5:35:53 AM] Britbong: passing my logs out?
[5:35:57 AM] Britbong: piece of shit lol
[5:35:58 AM] ?Hunny ??: nooo
[5:36:06 AM] Britbong: good luck
[5:36:09 AM] ?Hunny ??: its kuz monte sent me this
[5:36:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: 
[20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"
[5:36:25 AM] ?Hunny ??: and I was like
[5:36:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: noooo I said if I wasent marrid
[5:36:36 AM] Britbong: ok?
[5:36:36 AM] ?Hunny ??: married
[5:36:44 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's only reason why
[5:36:49 AM] Britbong: so you directly posted my logs
[5:36:57 AM] Britbong: to boyd
[5:37:00 AM] Britbong: actually
[5:37:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: well I didn't mean to do it offensively ?
[5:37:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: just because you said I wanted to fuck
[5:37:31 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I wanted to show it was out of context
[5:37:39 AM] ?Hunny ??: sorry for the mis understanding
[5:37:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: its a bit of a shit fest
[5:37:52 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew I was trans lol
[5:38:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: it comes up as the first thing if u google my name
[5:38:11 AM] Britbong: he asked me you retard
[5:38:19 AM] Britbong: i said you were
[5:38:20 AM] Britbong: fuck off
[5:38:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: asked you what
[5:38:35 AM] Britbong: HE
[5:38:37 AM] Britbong: ASKED ME YOU IDIOT
[5:38:40 AM] Britbong: I said yes
[5:38:44 AM] ?Hunny ??: I'm not very smart
[5:38:45 AM] Britbong: dumb fuck
[5:38:51 AM] Britbong: and you posted my skype logs
[5:38:55 AM] Britbong: to be used against me
[5:38:58 AM] ?Hunny ??: no I didnt
[5:39:10 AM] ?Hunny ??: i did because you said I wanted to fuck
[5:39:17 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I said if i wasent engaged
[5:39:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's all hun
[5:39:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: why would I hurt someone i like
[5:39:47 AM] Britbong: your on my shit list
[5:39:48 AM] Britbong: nice
[5:40:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: well I'm sorry if I hurt you
[5:40:09 AM] ?Hunny ??: but calling me tranny and dumb is hurtful
[5:40:14 AM] Britbong: you are?
[5:40:19 AM] Britbong: he asked if you were
[5:40:23 AM] Britbong: i said yes you are
[5:41:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: [20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[5:41:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: [20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[5:41:13 AM] Britbong: and?
[5:41:20 AM] ?Hunny ??: ?
[5:41:28 AM] Britbong: whats that a log of
[5:41:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: If I wanted to be offensive I'd post it all
[5:41:38 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I wont
[5:41:42 AM] ?Hunny ??: because drama is dumb
[5:42:12 AM] Britbong: you caused it
[5:42:30 AM] ?Hunny ??: if you didn't want it to happen, you could have just not talked about it
[5:43:28 AM] Britbong: when did I post your skype logs?
[5:46:39 AM] ?Hunny ??: well you said some things way out of context
[5:46:49 AM] ?Hunny ??: you know I liked you
[5:57:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: its also upsetting you removed me right away, well I'll still be here if you wanna talk
[5:57:08 AM] ?Hunny ??: unless you wanna just remove me again
[6:00:40 AM] ?Hunny ??: i also just defended you and said someone must have baited you
[6:00:48 AM] ?Hunny ??: and not sent you the lower half
[6:01:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: of my body
[6:01:57 AM] Britbong: ?
[6:02:07 AM] ?Hunny ??: when you introduced urself to me
[6:02:10 AM] ?Hunny ??: or w.e
[6:02:16 AM] ?Hunny ??: u said someone sent u my pics
[6:02:24 AM] ?Hunny ??: so i automatically assumed you knew whats up
[6:02:42 AM] ?Hunny ??: so people were talking at violet and i said someone must have set u up
[6:02:54 AM] ?Hunny ??: and its an honest mistake i look female
[6:03:32 AM] ?Hunny ??: even boyd defended you
[6:03:34 AM] ?Hunny ??: and you hate him
[6:03:50 AM] ?Hunny ??: drama is just really stupid
[6:03:57 AM] ?Hunny ??: especially in this autism fest of a game
[6:05:30 AM] ?Hunny ??: i only came here because your videos were funny
[6:05:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: if its that much trouble ill leave
[6:05:53 AM] Britbong: well you caused it retard
[6:05:55 AM] Britbong: thanks
[6:06:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: ugh
[6:06:08 AM] ?Hunny ??: ._>
[6:06:11 AM] ?Hunny ??: ._.
[6:06:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: well what do you want me to do
[6:06:46 AM] Britbong:
[6:07:15 AM] Britbong: nice job dumbass
[6:07:25 AM] Britbong: lol you gave boyd ammo on me
[6:07:27 AM] Britbong: and yourself
[6:07:32 AM] ?Hunny ??: how is this my fault
[6:08:13 AM] ?Hunny ??: i was defending my marriage lol
[6:08:16 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's literally it
[6:08:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: drama is retarded
[6:10:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: if I want to be malicious id post it all, but i liked you so i wont ever
[6:10:15 AM] ?Hunny ??: call me retarded and dumb all you want.
[6:10:33 AM] ?Hunny ??: I know I'm not very bright
[6:10:51 AM] Britbong: defend your marriage
[6:10:57 AM] Britbong: by posting my logs for no real reason
[6:11:04 AM] Britbong: to a guy nobody gives a shit about
[6:11:10 AM] Britbong: i dont even like montezuma
[6:11:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: he came up to me and said i tried to fuck
[6:11:33 AM] ?Hunny ??: which i wouldn't outwardly do ever
[6:12:00 AM] ?Hunny ??: and you also removed me on skype
[6:12:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: and in game
[6:12:13 AM] ?Hunny ??: and get messaged a log from someone
[6:12:13 AM] Britbong: i was on a new account retard
[6:12:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: Skype had a (?)
[6:12:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: i know you removed me
[6:12:31 AM] Britbong: and I removed you for not speaking to me
[6:12:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: ????
[6:12:36 AM] ?Hunny ??: WHAT
[6:12:40 AM] Britbong: i saw you 4 times ingame you dont even say hello
[6:12:44 AM] Britbong: so yeah no shit
[6:12:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: you never respind to anyting i say!@@
[6:12:47 AM] ?Hunny ??: DUDE

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