Saturday, April 16, 2016

Britbongreturns and MsAlchemy: Episode 3: A Friend Tries To Help

Montezuma sees Britbong talking to MsAlchemy and thinks he's helping by advising Britbong that MsAlchemy is trangender. Britbong already knows, but hides the flirting and fapping from the night before.

[20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] (franklin): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] (franklin): oh
[20:56] (franklin): thats the tranny
[20:56] (franklin): jesus christ
[20:56] (franklin): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] (franklin): with the blue hair
[20:56] (franklin): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] (franklin): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"

Britbong Loves A Trans-Girl: A Drama In Five Episodes
Episode 1: A Big Fan
Episode 2: The Flirting And The Fapping
Episode 3: A Friend Tries To Help
Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain
Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

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