Thursday, March 10, 2016

Popular On The Internet

A lot of people (Leslie Whittenstall, Harrison Digfoot, Britbong, H4Z3, Talatha, 007BJamesB and many more) blame me because they're not popular on the Internet.

The truth is, if they were likable people--they WOULD be popular and have girlfriends and all these things, and there would be NOTHING I could do about it.

They're not popular on the Internet, they're alone on the Internet because nobody likes them: not because anything I ever did.

Name                 Real  Reason They're Not Popular
Leslie Whittenstall          Crazy old lady with a persecution complex
Harrison Digfoot             Crazy red-neck with a persecution complex
Britbongreturns               Not as funny as DanielfromSL or Esteban Winsmore
Talatha                            Crazy fat woman who thinks Jesus will help her
007BJamesB                   Rejected by the Green Lanterns  for being weird.

The list goes on.  The thing is though, if I somehow never existed, nothing would change for any of these people.  They'd still be alone, they'd still be unhappy and they'd just pick somebody else to blame.


  1. Leslie is the worst of the bunch. She claims to be a "victim" yet all her obsessed crazy blogs are all over the internet. I don't think she understands that even if she tries to hide them they are archived. She has been doing this for numerous years even her local PD is looking into it and other agencies for the numerous police reports she has been doing. She tarnished her own name by going crazy and accusing everyone of being obsessed with her. She claims she has not sent out any RL information on others but there is plenty of proof she has that has been collected. I can't wait until this all gets played out and she ends up behind bars. Hope she has the funds to get herself a good attorney as all the things she has done is coming back to bite her in the ass.

  2. With all the bad things going on in the world is any LEO going to dedicate the resources to invesigate those alledged acts? Maybe, but I would think they have bigger fish to fry. Hell, prisons are so full throughout the U.S. that even pedophiles often only serve 1/4 their sentence before granted parole.I could be wrong, but I rarely am on matters such as this.

  3. You are correct but she uses valuable police resources and not even uses her real name when reporting people. Also asking others to false report on others. The woman is in serious trouble by doing that. Sure she may not end up in prison but will probably have to pay a hefty fine taken out of her welfare checks.

    1. If she's got no money they'll just stick her in prison wont they?

  4. I think a call to El aka Elouise is in order since Leslie is posting all her past lies about babies and other lies, these pair are a both compulsive liars, I'm sure El's family and friends would delight in knowing how a grown woman faked having a baby because her bf dumped her "while she was still married" GOOD JOB Leslie for starting shit all over again for your pal :)

    1. yes considering Elouise was having numerous SL affairs on her husband who was supposed to be dead. Her own daughter had no clue about any baby that Elouise had could post the screenshot from that conversation but blur out her name as her daughter is innocent in all of this. Oh Leslie the lies you tell are now going to come to a head with you and Elouise. Let the fun begin. Leslie how do you feel about outting your friend with all these lies. Nice job Leslie very nice job.

    2. must add when I messaged her daughter about the death of El's baby her response "What baby?" the baby your mom had on such and such a date that died? "My mom didn't have a baby?" Although her brother did who is alive and well which is great! But what a laugh Leslie trying to tell people that Elouise had a baby who died and we are laughing sure we are we are laughing at a fake baby that never existed. Or when Elouise was supposedly in the hospital but on a vacation with her husband and kids yet carrying on in an SL relationship ha!!!


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