Thursday, March 17, 2016

Harrison Romances a 16 Year Old Girl


Weezy (screameh): Bleh its like ten past midnight.
Weezy (screameh): My eyes hurt.

harri houdini: close ur eyes
harri houdini: ill rub ur back
harri houdini: ur the cutest giurl ever
harri houdini: and fun
harri houdini: and sweet
harri houdini: and obviously open hearted if u gave a catfosh a chance
harri houdini: rediculous lol
harri houdini: i would be absolutly in love with u
harri houdini: you have a cute accent


Weezy (screameh): Lol lying in bed on my phone ;p

harri houdini: :)
harri houdini: um wish i was there

Weezy (screameh): Hahah. I dont like sharing my bed haha. I cant stand sleeping in a bed with anyone.
Weezy (screameh): Been like that since i was young.

harri houdini: aw i see i have a king size bed so its like havin 2 beds


Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): ur joking me u said u werew 18
Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): i neevr said nothing to u
Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): im reporting u

Weezy (screameh): You knew i was 16

Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): i did not

Weezy (screameh): You did

Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): r u joking me

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