Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Britbongreturns Vs Kopyboat (The True Story)

A lot of people have asked why Britbong hates Kopyboat so much.  well, I can tell you: it's about a girl...

Her name was EHLnofey on Secondlife. She's known as Paravaina or Opalsaga on Britbong's stream.

Kopy dated her in real-life (for quite a while actually) but it ended, as these things sometimes do.

When that relationship ended, and Britbong's relationship with Upraksi went up in flames, Britbong and EHLnofey got together for a few weeks, but she dumped him when it was revealed Britbong was also trying to get with another girl (Harlow).

Having burned his chance with both EHLnofey and Harlow, Britbong decided to try again with Upraksi.  To show his good faith, Britbong completely threw EHLnofey under the bus in every way.  After a few weeks of trying, Upraksi dumped Britbong (a second time) due to some of his irrational behavior (you have probably heard her screaming about it in one of his recordings)

To sum up the two men's relationship with EHLnofey


  • Was with her in real life
  • Was fairly good to her even after it ended
  • Protected her reputation when it ended (and continues to protect her to this day)
  • Has a decent job
  • Has a chance in life


  • Threw her under the bus to have a second chance with Upraksi, sending EHLnofey's nude's to Upraksi (who sent them to me) making fun of both her weight and her heritage (race) with the result of them giving her the nickname "moonface" in private conversations.
  • Never met her in real life 
  • Cheated on her with Harlow
  • Was too shy to have voice sex with her so he sent her recordings and voicemail of him masturbating (she told me this herself) 
  • Admitted to her he lied about creating Forever Alone  (she told me this herself) 
  • Is drastically inferior to her intellectually  (she told me this herself) 
  • Doxed the fuck out of Paravaina (Ehl) in an effort to win Upraksi back (who then passed along her dox and photos to me in disgust with Britbong's behavior)
  • Defaced her father's memorial page and harassed her mother by telephone.

So, make of it what you will. As usual, it's about a girl.


  1. I like your coverage, but I feel you're being a little impartial, supposedly kopy harrased his ex after they broke up

    1. She told me a lot of things but nothing about that. I think if it were an issue she would have mentioned it.


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