Monday, March 7, 2016

Britbongreturns Rejected By Know Your Meme (again)

Know-Your-Meme, a popular website chronicling Internet culture since 2007, has been a problem for Britbongreturns (manlytearsUK) for some time now.

A major part of Britbong's plan for Internet domination is to convince people that he's the creator of both Ralph Pootawn and Forever Alone, both of which are listed on the immensely popular Know Your Meme site and both of which flatly deny his claims to be their creator.

Britbongreturns Rejected By Know Your MemeDeciding he's had enough rejection, Britbongreturns decided to force his way into Know-Your-Meme by creating the entry himself, but it was immediately rejected (dead pooled) by both the community and the admins.

I have it on a pretty good authority from within Know-Your-Meme that BritbongReturns (aka manlytearsUK) will *NEVER* be acknowledged on their website because when they investigated his claims about Forever Alone they found out he's a pathological liar and simply not to be trusted or believed in any way.

To make matters worse, Know-Your-Meme does have active entries for several Britbong enemies:

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