Friday, January 29, 2016

Not Safe To Donate Or Subscribe to BritbongReturns

A high school girl who donated to BritbongReturns found herself regretting it when Britbongreturns decided to pass out her paypal information in Secondlife when she rejected his advances

This isn't the first time it's happened either.  If you donate or subscribe to Britbongreturns on Hitbox there's a fairly good chance he'll give out your paypal info, even to his "friends" who will try to hack the account "brute force".

[2017/01/27 18:00] getcuckeddood: we found your school by the way [2017/01/27 18:00] getcuckeddood: :^) [2017/01/27 18:02] Spotted Goldfin (recon.ormega): Oh nice. [2017/01/27 18:03] getcuckeddood: a lot of your furry friends seem to really like giving me your info but i already knew it all from your old donation actually [2017/01/27 18:03] getcuckeddood: why are you and mark e-dating lol [2017/01/27 18:04] Spotted Goldfin (recon.ormega): Nice. [2017/01/27 18:04] Spotted Goldfin (recon.ormega): Well I am not dating him or anything. [2017/01/27 18:28] Spotted Goldfin (recon.ormega): .

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