Saturday, January 30, 2016

Britbongreturns Will Throw Shit At Your Windows

  • keklordbritbong: Hahaha you cried like a little bitch to your synops butt buddy, but I contacted a higher up.
  • Keklordbritbong: Now I am going to start posting the pictures I have been sent of you
  • keklordbritbong: :)
  • keklordbritbong: expect some new pictures of you to show up
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): I didn't cry to anyone
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): They're wise to your mshenanigens
  • keklordbritbong: butthurt is the word
  • keklordbritbong: like you
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): You mad that you got banned?
  • keklordbritbong: You better watch your back if I ever come to california
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Whatcha gonna do? Talk me to death?
  • keklordbritbong: people who were very close give me everything about you
  • keklordbritbong: and it will make it's way to your page
  • keklordbritbong: and I will make sure everyone sees it
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Oh no.
  • keklordbritbong: I think it's hilarious how you dont realize I can ruin your life and chose not to for xxx's sake.
  • keklordbritbong: i am starting to not care
  • keklordbritbong: I have over 100 people in California alone who would walk up to your door and throw shit at your windows
  • keklordbritbong: rofl
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): bring it
  • keklordbritbong: you're so fucking stupid
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Have your "guys" come to california.
  • Kopycake (lucifer.mexicola): Yout nhink I'm scared of a manlet in britfagland?

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