Friday, January 22, 2016

Britbongreturns Has Trouble With Rules

The Rules Britbongrturns Has Posted To His Hitbox Channel He Himself Breaks Pretty Much Every Moment He's in Violet on Secondlife


  • No begging for games (Britbong Begs For A Lot More Than Just Games)
  • No Advertising (lol get real)
  • No Flooding/Spam (see above)
  • No Doxing (Britbongreturns mainly doxes teenage girls who won't add him on skype)
  • No drama (lol)
  • If you don't like another regular viewer just block them, keep it chill or be squished.  (See above)

Britbongreturns (manlytearsUK) might be schitsophrenic on these issues

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