Friday, April 18, 2014

A Game of Stoops

In this first round of the game of Stoops:

The Kingdoms of Ahern and Hanja remain unmolested.  Queen Shaz and Empress Waterfalzz are uncontested.

The kingdom of Korea1 has been conquered by Zarco the King of Violet, who now rules both thrones even though vagabonds from the wastelands of Error have been crashing Korea1.

The rural kingdoms of Arapaima, Ungren, Social Island1, Help Island, Orientation Island and Hyannisport remain quiet.

Run out of Korea1: the kickball team has taken a hasty refuge in the Purple Fantasy region where Prince Duane recovers from the near fatal wound dealt him by Duke Harrison Digfoot.  It's said that prince Duane can only regain his powers if his magical feathered hair grows back and he gets a full-time job.

In the game of stoops, you win or die.

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