Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking Over The Internet

About once a week, I get a message in Secondlife from someone I don't know saying they and their friends are about to take over SecondLife and I should write about it on my blog. 

So far, none of these people have actually succeeded in taking over Secondlife.  I don't really know how one would take over SecondLife, but there are a few things I'm pretty sure won't work.

1) Replicating cubes: With or without pornographic pictures, this tactic has been around since the inception of Secondlife, and it never really made much difference.

2) Crashing Sims: You can crash sims. Lots of people can crash sims.  It might make people mad  and rage in funny ways, but it's not going to make much difference or make you king of SecondLife.  Sometimes a big wedding will crash the sim it's on without any help from anyone.

3) Crashing Viewers: See above.  It might make people mad in funny ways, but they get better pretty quickly and ultimately nothing changes.

4) Doxing: Handing out note cards with real-life information on people nobody really knows or cares about isn't going to change SecondLife.  It might make those individual people mad, but that's about it.

These are the things that won't allow you to take over SecondLife.  If you have something else, then lets see it and see what it does.  In the mean-time, don't ask me to write about you taking over SecondLife before anything actually happens.  Do something first, and then, if it's interesting, I'll write about it.

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