Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You've Heard this Song a Thousand Times

You've probably heard the above song in SecondLife about a thousand times, but probably had no idea where it came from.

It's a mash-up from Youtube.  The basic tracks are Stephanie from the Icelandic kids exercise show "Lazytown" who was approximately twelve when filming this sequence.  Added to this is some-stupid-rapper- I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-they're-all-the-same-to-me.

The audio only version of this you get on SecondLife isn't that bad, but seeing the full version on Youtube is just too creepy for words.

To begin with there's Stephanie, the 12 year old prodigy whose face never seems to change from that one plaster sardonic Cheshire grin and dance moves make her seem far less human than her puppet chorus.

Add  her gayer-than-the-village-people co-stars and the robot pink hair, and the fact that the whole thing is in English, but filmed in Iceland for some strange reason and "lazytown" is pretty creepy own its own.

Layered on top of this is the nameless rap guy talking to the twelve-year-old Stephanie like she's a strip club ho and commanding her to "grab that dick it's yours bitch".

I'm a little concerned about the 4chan retard who thought it'd be a good idea to put these these two videos together.  I don't think it counts as pedophilia per-se since I'm not convinced Stephanie is actually human and not some sort of Japanese dancing robot, but it's close enough that I'm not comfortable with this guy living near schools, churches or liquor stores.

The interwebs can be a very fucked up place my friend.  Don't go anywhere near it without some sort of weapon.

The un-edited version is only slightly less creepy.

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  1. eewww..well I got 39 seconds into it...that was enuff.
    Seems that "Chicago Tylenol" (remember that from 20 odd years ago?) is the only cure for stupidity.
    The really creepy thing is that I'm sure there are those that love this stuff


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