Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why People Blog

There are lots of reasons to write blogs.  Your reasons though, usually predispose the result.

I blog because I love to write.  This business of building thoughts together by stacking words one after another fascinates me and fills me with a bit of stupid glee.

Since this is my motive and because I am a compulsive observer of the world, I'll never run out of things to blog about.  My posts won't always be that interesting, but I could easily do several a day without noticing the missing time.

Others are chroniclers.  They simply like to record the day's events for audience or audiences unspecified.  I'm convinced the impulse to do this has something to do with how the brain converts short-term memories into long-term ones.  It's a natural, often pleasurable process, and as long as they don't run out of days, they won't run out of things to blog about.  If today wasn't interesting enough to write about, they can always pull up something that happened before they started the blog.

Fans make great bloggers.  There's something out there they love, and something they love talking about--often more than they're able to find people willing to listen. so the blog gives them a platform to talk endlessly about how much they love NASCAR or Star Trek or knitting or whatever without anyone rolling their eyes and changing the subject.

Some people are frustrated in life, and they suffer encounters where they just aren't able to get the upper hand, so they blog about it in revenge.  There are any number of hate blogs in reference to SecondLife.  The Turd List, the Leslie/Ziggy Hanja Hate Blog, even Constance has her own blog about how much she hates us.

The problem with hate blogs is that, even though they may feel infinite amounts of hate, they don't have infinite things to say, so after the first few posts about how much they hate whatever they hate they suddenly find themselves with nothing else to say, but a blog with only four or five posts isn't very likely to garner very many readers, people may check back for a while to see if there's anything new, but eventually they'll abandon the hate blog and it remains forever floating in cyberspace as a monument to some butt-hurt soul left with no other way to vent their frustrations.


  1. You seem to be unable to differentiate between hate and people's honest reactions to your own crazed behaviour. Just one of your many blind spots. And those blind spots seem to be more common as your list of hated enemies (read: people you have stalked who stood up to you) grows. Have you thought about getting some analysis yourself? They are in the phone book, under A. In the meantime you should look up some of the old proverbs about pots and kettles.

  2. Wow gots yur own hater..I is proud uf yew. 13 lettrs n thet one word amaezeses me.
    And I haz a spare pare uv specs case yur blond...i mean blind.
    kno potsn kettles...jus one skillet.

  3. Get a life you clown, oh I mean you Boyd. Sheesh you ever gonna grow up or what

  4. The idea of having anything like enemies on a platform like SecondLife seems really out of proportion to me.

    Sure, there are some people who annoy me more than others, but "hate" or "enemies"? I dunno, that just doesn't seem appropriate in a platform where you can make anybody disappear from your experience at will.

    It happens though. You'd be amazed at some of the things I've heard. Sometimes I wonder if it's really a matter of people inventing villains to make the drama of their SecondLife narrative more interesting and then convincing themselves it's real.


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