Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Prophet of South Park

It's be a little over a year since the last time Muslim radicals threatened to kill the creators of South Park for showing the prophet Mohamed on their show. 

Never mind that the same show had Hindu deity Krishna snorting cocaine and reading child porn on the internet or showing Aquaman as a... well Aquaman actually is a homosexual so I don't suppose it matters.

Suppose Muslim leaders had taken the attitude that they were confident enough in their faith and their message that it didn't really matter what happened on South Park, that a satirical cartoon of the prophet is no where near the forbidden practice of creating an idol?

Had they instead embraced South Park the next day their recruitment centers would have been full of people with a renewed interest in Islam because the stigma of a superstitious, unreasonable, disconnected Islam would be lifted.

They didn't do that though.  There were death threats against the creators of South Park which played right into their hands.  The Muslim criticism of South Park, and especially the death threats, made this one of the most watched episodes ever, adding yet another layer of satire for them to work with. 

You know what smart politicians do when comedians make fun of them?  They volunteer to be on their show and it works every time.  Nixon did it with Laugh-In and that alone just about locked up his hopes for a re-election.

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  1. So many forget that... probably because this is such a young persons world now and that was what......38 years ago. (you old goat) =^..^=
    ooops, thats right ive kids darn near as old as you


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