Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Most Trolled Person on SecondLife Dr Phil Secondlife

Six months ago, Harrison Digifoot was one of the most popular people in SecondLife. His country charm combined with his guitar playing made him a hero amongst the locals.

Then Harrison fell in love.  As sometimes happens, the object of his affection wasn't into it.  Instead of blowing it off and moving on with his life, Harrison decided to make alts following this girl around saying strange things and trolling her.

It didn't take long for other people to notice Harrison had gone off the rail and comment on it.  Harrison responded with rage and even more craziness, which made his reputation as a lunatic spread even more.

Within just a few months, Harrison couldn't go anywhere in SecondLife without someone recognizing him for his erratic behavior and trolling him.

Harrison came to SecondLife originally to share his music, and despite the destruction of his reputation he still hoped to start a career as a singer.  There was a basic flaw in his plan though because, by now, anywhere he tried to perform, the trolls would follow.

Recently, some idiot did hire Harrison to sing at their sim and what followed was one of the largest, most organized troll fests ever.

Read the account here at the troll manual

Watch the video below


  1. This isn't trolling . .. it's Bullying. You can be a brilliant troll without this mob mentality.
    JJCCC would go Bananas if it happened to him at one of his silly art exhibitions, yet he tagged along with the 'Hurr Durr we are trolls Crowd'

    And the 'Troll Manual' is a self congratulatory piss of rubbish; Trolls in Second Life are few and Far between, these are socially inept griefers who gang up and annoy other residents.

  2. spend some money on a new pc please this video total rubbish


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