Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabin Fever Griefers

It's cold in Canada this time of year.  Outdoor activities are curtailed.  Boogar-Nose and his E-Girlfriend don't have jobs, they're not in school, they're not very creative or interesting so they're spending their time crashing sims on SecondLife.

Why SecondLife?  Because it's easy.  It's easier to crash SecondLife than other programs because SecondLife is a creative and collaborative platform and all those tools they give us to create and share can be used to mess things up as well.  Getting the tools to crash sims and what-not are incredibly easy to find.  All you need is Google.  Crashing FaceBook would probably be much more interesting, but it's also much more difficult.

Since SecondLife doesn't program engaging elements into the platform like other computer games, the extent to which users are able to find something to do on SecondLife is determined by what they bring to the table.

People who are intelligent or funny have conversations.  People who are angry or satirical troll.  People who are artistic build.  If you really don't have any of these things to offer and spend all day every day smoking weed and drinking red bull then you grief.

The rewards for griefing are really low, so you have to do a lot of it to get any sense of accomplishment out of it, which is why people like boogar-nose literally spend all night crashing sims.

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