Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Mars Jumps the Shark

Often mentioned as the best competition for SecondLife, Blue Mars announced recently that their entire focus is now on mobile applications and they are not continuing to develop viewers for personal computer.

Making virtual worlds work as a business is not an easy proposition.  Nearly all who have gone before failed in just two or three years.

My guess is that Blue Mars looked at their burn rate and how much of their initial investment they had left and decided they couldn't pay for developing both platforms so they picked one.  Since SecondLife was the established leader among personal computers, I suppose they decided to go with mobile applications instead.

My guess is this will fail.  An immersive experience isn't that immersive on a 3-inch screen with no mouse or full-size keyboard.  People use their mobile devices very differently than computers, in particular, they use them for much shorter periods of time, but more often.  Users are probably not going to be that interested in several visits to Blue Mars a day for just ten minutes each visit.

I'm glad they were out there trying though.  On a fair playing field, competition only makes you stronger.

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  1. Completely different and more positive/logical point of view here:

    Interesting times indeed...


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