Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Ghosts

There are currently three ghosts in Hanja.  One has been there for over a week.  Re-starts don't seem to fix it this time.

The server software in Hanja, Hangeul and Gukeyol is RC Magnum, with Idu reserved for a special version of the server code that enables people using the web client to rez there.

The snowstorm development process apparently causes Linden Labs to break some things as they fix others.  I suppose that was predictable.  The good news is that, with snowstorm, they're offering updates and fixes on a near weekly basis so whatever they break should resolve itself sooner rather than later.

In other news: 

Ratcloner has returned to SecondLife and he's out for revenge.  Ratcloner wants W-Hat to suffer the same fate as Woodbury and lose their virtual land holdings.  Why he wants this is something of a mystery since his mental processes don't work like other people.

Boogar-nose has apparently given up on the rouse that he's written his own destruct-o client and now says he's gotten hold of Onyx which he's using to (wait for it) ... crash sims. 

I don't think you have to be retarded to repeatedly crash sims, but it sure seems to help.

On the bright side:

Some of the more annoying people from Moose Beach have decided to spend their time at the new "info hub" built by the guy who was taking his daily bowel movement on mic at Moose.  God bless them, every one.  Perhaps they can arrange some sort of group ablution.

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