Friday, December 24, 2010

A Moment of Hesitation and Regret

I've been feeling a bit guilty about my decision to mute most Australians on sight.

It's a whole continent of people, after all, with their own culture...surely they can't be that bad.  It's not even that they're "bad" so much as they're just so stupid and vacuous and childish and boorish and brutish.

I came to the decision after hearing Cane pretend to be Kurt Cobain, again and hearing Slick beat his wife, again and concluded that there were somethings I just didn't need to hear.

So I'm in Korea 1 and I hear this bogan pipe up, and I hesitated.  "We'll see how this goes", I thought and didn't mute him.

I should have known better.  Whiskey the guido public deficator was there complaining nobody would bake him a lasagna, so the tone was already set.

I hesitated and because I hesitated I found myself hearing this bogan describe how he gave his ex-girlfriend a dirty sanchez in about as much detail as his limited vocabulary allowed..

There are some things I just don't need to ever hear.  I shoulda muted this idiot at the first notes of his Crocodile Dundee accent, but I didn't, but I didn't and was punished for my lack of resolve by having to hear about his less than hygienic amorous activity.

Not all antipodeans are worthy of the insta-mute feature.  Some of them are quite cleaver.  I've gotten pretty good at predicting which are and which aren't, now I just need to stick to my guns and act on it more quickly.

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