Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Greatest Griefer Ever

Griefers are so proud of the stuff they come up with to mess up SecondLife, but they completely ignore one basic fact everyone knows:  SecondLife barely works to begin with, so coming up with ways to break it is kind of like fighting your way out of a wet paper bag.

That's not to say Linden Labs shouldn't be proud of what they've accomplished here.  After all, SecondLife is far and above all their competitors as a technical achievement.  Riding the crest of the wave is never a stable place to be though.  Often they're dealing with technology that's just a few years old if that, so, of course there's going to be tons of ways to make it go astray.

One of the most popular means of griefing has always been to simply rez a cube, then put a script in it so the cube replicates itself, then map some sort of stupid image on it from 4chan or, add annoying sound and you're done.  Instant grief.  Infantile fun for infantile minds.

They say they do it because they're bored.  That's probably true.  Adolescent minds are almost always bored.  I've always been annoyed by the people who somehow believed it was our responsibility to give them things to do to keep them from being bored.  That mindset is probably why adolescents see malls, parking lots, and SecondLife as an offering to the god of their boredom and gives them license to trash it.

What's great about SecondLife though is restoration from any grief takes only a few seconds, if you have estate powers.  Now finding somebody with estate powers can sometimes take a while, especially if it's mainland and you have to find a Linden, but once you find somebody who can make the magic buttons work, normality is just moments away.

Recently Boogar-Nose asks that I write something and call him the greatest griefer ever.  I wouldn't mind really.  Seeing how easy it is to mess up SecondLife, being the greatest griefer ever is kind of like winning the sack race at the Extra Special Olympics.  He is kind of retarded, so maybe Greatest Griefer Ever wouldn't be such a bad title.


  1. Heh Heh... Ah Boyd,spoken like a true adult,
    {re: " I've always been annoyed by the people who somehow believed it was our responsibility to give them things to do to keep them from being bored."}
    And of course adulthood seems to have little to do with chronogical age.

  2. Have you ever seen one of those perfect moments, like when a cigar burns in an ashtray but the ash never collaspes. Its absolutely empty of anything remotely resembling its former self, and yet it retains the shape. That's the kind of man you are, Boyd, except I think you were born an empty husk.


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