Thursday, November 18, 2010

Traveling Circus

There was a short time, a brief, shining moment, when the Trolls of Ahern found solace and peace in Violet.

They got along.  They talked in normal tones without yelling.  It was nice.  But it was not to last.

Left behind (intentinally I would guess) the rest of the Ahern circus felt lonely and rejected, so they followed the Trolls to Violet, and brought the cacophony with them.

Soon the peaceful, Asian pergola of Violet rang out with cries of cat rape, missing tampons and every possible degradation of real life photos.  Crappy music from four different people at once, Arabs, Asians and several variations on Niggah, The peace was broken. 

You can't reason with a cacophony, it only wants more noise. Violet was sanctuary no more.

I don't really know what happens from here.  If the Trolls move again, the circus will only just follow them again. 

It's doubtful I'll follow the story if it moves.  I only came across it this time because Violet was already in my rotation of places to visit.

Sometimes I wonder if  human beings really just aren't ready yet for all the things the internet makes possible, but all this has happened before and will happen again.  It happens every time there's a frontier. 

There are more and more people now who never lived without an internet, as they grow up, they will probably be the ones who learn to experience it without driving each other nuts.


  1. Last time I was at Ahern I thought that all the Trolls had now left SL. The people you talk of have nothing to do with Trolling. I think you mean griefers or perhaps shits.

    Americans in particular should realise that the word troll should not be used to describe any multitude of activities you see as negative. It would be awesome if you could stop using the same awesome word to describe things you see on the awesome game.

    I thought you liked words Boyd; look this one up ffs.

  2. I don't think these terms have a specific meaning yet.

    In the systems I've been involved in, trolls and griefers had the same goal: to upset the normal workings of the sytem to upset the users.

    A griefer was somebody who used technological means to accomplish it, thereby causing "grief" for the sysops. A troll was somebody who used psychological means of upsetting the users, but otherwise left the programs running normally.

    Both can be very funny, both can be a huge pain in the ass, both can be lame and both can be just nothing but hateful.


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