Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Human Oddities

Sometimes I wonder where this whole internet thing is going.

There are people who, for some reason, like to search for the most disgusting thing they can find on the internet, then send you a link.  Why would you do that?

Even worse, they can tell you, "check out this link, it's the most disgusting thing I ever saw!" and, like idiots, we still look.

It's very common.  For instance: how many of you have seen the blue waffles picture or the two girls-one cup video?  You even knew beforehand it was going to be stomach-turning gross, but you still looked.  There are whole websites devoted to this phenomenon.

I guess it's the modern day version of freak shows, or maybe exposing ourselves to the horrible and disgusting makes us appreciate the beautiful even more or maybe we've just grown so calloused we'll do anything just to feel some sort of emotional reaction.

We do it on SecondLife too.  You can go somewhere and say "don't go to Korea1, there's the most disgusting, annoying person ever there" and half the room will teleport to Korea1 to see for themselves.

I generally try not to fall into this trap.  If somebody says it's disgusting, I'll take their word for it.  As a consequence I've never actually seen the two girls-one cup video-only heard about it.  I've been sent the link probably a hundred times, but never followed it.

There's a pretty good reason for it too.  I have very high visual recall, sometimes called a photographic memory, which means if I see something once, there's a chance the image remains fresh in my mind forever, and there are some things I just don't want to remember forever.

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