Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cops Agree Abba Sucks

A small but villigant police force protects Parktown from the vagrants and other troublemakers in SecondLife.

Last nights patrol was interrupted by an alien encounter.  Officer Clark Restful and his K9 Companion Wild Faith meet a man from fart.

[20:36]  wild Faith: Alerts to a stranger.

[20:37]  wild Faith hears footsteps on the roof
[20:38]  Clark Restful: ok back
[20:38]  wild Faith: (wb)
[20:38]  wild Faith: Alerts to a stranger.
[20:38]  Clark Restful: Hello Hinderer
[20:38]  Clark Restful: easy faith
[20:38]  Clark Restful: how are you
[20:38]  Clark Restful: good deal
[20:38]  wild Faith stops barking and looks at clark
[20:38]  Clark Restful: same here
[20:39]  Clark Restful: yes she is a great dog
[20:39]  wild Faith wags her tail
[20:39]  Clark Restful: by the way I am trooper Restfal

Oh Yeah, Abba Sucks


  1. dude, you REALLY need a girlfriend (or boyfriend), or simply access to quality porn...

  2. Maybe a girlfriend or porn is a good idea but abba still sucks.


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