Saturday, November 6, 2010

Betrayal and Breakups in the Battle for Moose Beach

All good things must end.  The Bromance between Jonny and Stark/Booger-Nose/Kronos has ended in the only way it could end: with them wanting to kill each other.

Jonny found succor amongst some very patient normal people with Booger-Nose left telling a bunch of noobs and bots he's the new king of Moose Beach.

Apparantly Jonny threatened the life of Booger-Nose's E-Mate (even though he denies it and nobody seems to have witnessed it) so now Booger-Nose is determined to kill Jonny.  For some reason Kronos now loves me, even though he wanted to kill me just a day ago and I'm pretty sure he knows I've been making fun of him for weeks.

Most curious of all, Booger-Nose now claims to be the protector of Harrison Digfoot, even going so far to teach him how to evade a hardware ban.  I suspect he'll end up regretting this decision since Harrison is one of the most annoying possible people on SecondLife.

When these rejects from Waterhead first started showing up at Moose I worried that Moose might end up just like the retard circus that Waterhead was.  That seems to have come to fruition.  All they need now is for Strider to show up and the transformation will be complete.

I feel bad for the people who used to hang out at Moose Beach.  What's left is probably going to be the Jonny/Harrison/Boogar-Nose show for weeks if not months as they fight to destroy each other, but since they can't it'll just be the same drama over and over until even they get tired of it and move on to something else.

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