Friday, October 22, 2010

The War for Moose Beach and Violet

Six months ago Moose Beach and Violet were among the calmest places on the grid.

Today there's a full-on war for their control.

The battle lines are drawn between two groups.  Let's call one side "The Trolls" and the other side "The Retards", with the people who used to populate their places on neither side and rather scratching their head wondering what the hell just happened.

Normally a war between retards and trolls would end pretty quickly, with the retards left somewhere cold and naked and confused, but in this case, they somehow keep calling in reinforcements (from god knows where) and the battle continues.

It began with the mysterious emigration out of Waterhead and Ahern.  Nobody really knows what started it.  Some have suggested it's fall out from the ban hammer falling on Woodbury and W-Hat, but I'm not convinced.

My theory is that these people always hated each other, and with the addition of Tinychat, they eventually just got to the point where they couldn't stand each other's presence any longer and went in search of new territory.

The first noticeable sign of the conflict was a few weeks ago when somebody rendered Violet inaccessible for over a day.  Since then, many regulars chose to abandon the info hub rather than deal with the cacophony of the new residents. 

Ironically, being a privately owned area, Violet will probably be the first to return to its former character since all it really takes is for the owners to decide they've had enough and spend a little time managing it again and it'll settle pretty quickly pushing the trolls back to Ahern.

Moose Beach may be another matter though.  It's a Linden area and the retards have dug in pretty deeply.  The Lindens have a "do not take sides" policy in these matters, which is just as well since I doubt they could tell the difference between the trolls and the retards.  Sometimes I do too.

Some of the more savvy locals from Moose have been able to parry the retards fairly well, but when there's a full-on battle between them and the trolls, even they TP out to greener pastures.

Interestingly, in terms of how SecondLife has developed, five years ago this would have been a war of scripts and tortured prims and a year ago, it would have been a war of hacked viewers, but today it's mostly a war of psychology with game and pack theory leading the charge.

One should note and congratulate the Lindens for making the grid robust enough that struggles like these are now fought with far less sim crashing and lag.

It's unlikely that there will be a clear winner in this conflict.  Most likely, both sides will just eventually run out of things to say.  Except Johnny of course, that fucker never shuts up.

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  1. A war of psychology? Don't you mean psychotics?

    I admit I've been to Moose Beach and listened to them bicker back and forth, I've even joined in on occasion, but after a while it just gets ridiculous. My ears can only take so much, so I leave my friends behind and I head back home, to listen to the sound of silence.


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