Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vampire Apocalypse

The vampires of SecondLife are in a crisis, and the crisis is simple math.

The game was designed so that the best (and only) way to really advance in the game was by recruiting new players.

People called it a pyramid scheme, which it is very similar too, but what's so wrong with a pyramid scheme?

Let's look at the math:

10 vampires seek 3 recruits each that equals 30 recruits.  No problem.  SecondLife was growing by leaps and bounds, they got 30 recruits blind folded.

So, now there's 33 new vampires each looking for 3 recruits.  (the first three are still trying to advance)
That's 99 new players.  Still not a problem.  SecondLife is growing and growing.

Now there's 132 vampires seeking 3 new recruits, that's 396

Now there's 528 vampires seeking 3 new recruits that's 1,584

2,112 vampires seek 3 recruits that's 6,336 new players

8,448 vampires seek 3 recruits that's  25,344 new players

Clearly, you can see the problem.  Even if SecondLife continued to grow like it once did, mathematics would soon catch up with the vampires.

You can see they're getting desperate.  They hang out in welcome areas and info hubs hoping to get the first shot at new players, even though there's signs all over the place in those areas saying "no biting or recruiting"

Bloodlines was designed to make the maximum amount of money in a short period of time and designed to fail. The vampires of SecondLife face extinction by starvation in just a few months.

Ain't math a bitch?

So how do you fix it?

Here's a patch.  It won't fix the problem forever, but it'll extend the viable life of the game considerably.  Most people who play bloodlines, play for a few weeks then drop it, never to participate again.

The problem is, they stay in the database forever and forever removed from the pool of potential victims.

Simply change the game so that if you don't wear your Bloodlines HUD in say six weeks, the system drops that player out of the database.  Then they're available to be bitten again.  This simple move would dramatically increase the number of potential victims.

Some people won't like it because they've built up this huge downline of inactive players, but really it should be that way because if their downline is inactive then then they're not really playing the game at all, they're just collecting noobs.


  1. And here I was all happy that that crap was coming to and end....(I love math!) =^..^=

  2. The same can be said of Tiny Empires -- except for the vast difference in behavior. "No recruiting" applies, sure, but you don't see TE players singled out like you do the spampires.

    On the math side... a big part of the TE roster is alts created solely for the purpose of padding downlines. I'd bet the Bloodlines players do that, too.

  3. Bloodlines prohibits people from creating alts to feed their downline, but it's pretty common. I've even heard of people auctioning off their alts for it.

  4. i know one of the guys that created it boyd and your correct in what your saying

  5. sorry boyd its not really related but its a link to check


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