Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank God for Anonymous

The Internet group Anonymous was irrelevant and useless upon creation. 

Like the vast majority of cults, it's very unlikely Scientology will survive into its third generation.  Their new member rate is already a fraction of what it was twenty years ago and dropping all the time.

Their leader is long gone.  Whatever memes they appealed to are no longer relevant.  Inner fights will develop over the remaining assets and Scientology will crack into pieces, dry up and go away on its own.

Like sand crabs doing battle with an already beached and dying whale, Anonymous will be there when Scientology draws its final breath to claim victory.

The larger culture already did enough damage to Scientology to make Anonymous redundant and irrelevant.  None of their efforts did a fraction of the damage from one episode of Sixty Minutes or Southpark.  It's unlikely they would even have heard of Scientology were it not for Sixty Minutes or Southpark.

There's a slight chance Anonymous will survive the death of Scientology and go after other religions, but I think if they went after the Roman Catholic Church or the Mormons, they would probably end up singing in the choir after parishioners brought cookies and punch to their protests.

There's always Islam for them to go after, but all the dirty tricks of Scientology combined are a joke compared to one fatwa.  Those masks won't protect them from real radical religious nuts.

What I see in Anonymous is the peter pan generation internet culture trying to evolve into something relevant by doing what they consider good deeds, but all they're really doing is trolling the remaining nuts in the dying church of Scientology.

Good going Anonymous!  You show them!

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