Friday, October 29, 2010

Redemption at Violet

I've written before about the invasion of Violet by the Ahern trolls.

There were troll scouts for months now, but the full-scale invasion only started a few weeks ago.  Most of the Violet regulars beat a hasty retreat, tearfully leaving their shops and farms behind for the barbarians to use as they will.

The trolls were ensconced.  You could see them swinging from the rafters and pissing in the corners.

Then a strange thing happened.  A transformation, if you will...out of Ahern, half these assholes weren't half bad.

The vitriol, the racism, the anger and sociopathy all abated.  Minor scirmishes remained, but even they started taking on the tone of friendly rivalry rather than genuine hate.

Trolls who were making new accounts two or three times a day just to access the grid now have accounts that are three and four weeks old, committed copybotters now join grid fashion scavenger hunts and there has been virtually no griefing.

There's been rumors for years that trolls begin life as human beings.  Could taking them out of Ahern somehow re-humanize them?

Part of the change might be because they left the self-appointed Queen of Trolls behind, along with her salivating lieutenants, adopting a far more logical stance of "Who cares who's in charge?  It's the Internets asshole."

Most of these trolls never bought into the idea they had a queen in the first place, but having somebody struggle for control can have a trickle-down effect that makes everybody cranky.

So, this year for Halloween, we had a little miracle in SecondLife.  The trolls of Ahern became human again...some of them...maybe.

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