Saturday, October 9, 2010

Philosophy Professors Who Gained More Notoriety Than They Deserved Through Secondlife

Peter Ludlow (avatar name: Urizenus Sklar) Publishes the Alphaville Herald, the voice of the griefer community in SecondLife. Ludlow has made a career out of studying trolls, snerts and griefers on the interwebs but somehow missed how their behavior is exactly like the troubled adolescents in any high school.

John Frederick Lange (No avatar name. Pen Name: John Norman) Lange teaches philosophy at SUNY but is better known for a series of incredibly crappy science fiction novels he published in the 70's about a planet called GOR. If not for SecondLife and the Interwebs, most reasonable people would have never heard of them or him. Lange not only writes about the philosophy of GOR, he believes it. He also picks his boogers and eats them.


  1. I knew a guy at college in the Philosophy Dept with a last name of Sklar lol. Now what is the philosophy of GOR? I didn't know there was one. Just kidding. And about the booger thing, "pics or it aint' true"...hahaha. :P

    I have never heard of either of these fellows before, truth be told.

  2. The booger thing is just a rumor really.

    Somebody said "this book must have been written by a booger-eating-moron, and I agreed.

  3. Ah...Is truth stranger than "fiction"? =^..^=


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