Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moose and Violet : War is Heck

and the faggotry continues:

Although I wasn't around for it, I understand the trolls who took over Violet spent the day giving out RL phone numbers for Annoying Johnny and Harrison the Insane and ordering pizzas for people who don't want them.

I'm not sure how the telephone thing works:

"Hello, may I speak to Johnny please?"
"Hi, this is Johnny."
"Hi, Johnny, we're from the internet and you're annoying."
"You BASTARDS!!!!"

Beyond that, the trolls are pretty well dug in at Violet, and most of the regulars have moved on to saner places. I'm not convinced the other shoe has dropped there so let's watch and see what develops.

A Confederacy of Dunces:
Back at Moose Beach Annoying Johnny is building his allies.  He's been taking a spanking, both from the locals and the visiting trolls.  He's convinced bringing in more stupid and annoying people for backup will solve his problem.  It probably won't.

Besides a tentative strategic alliance with Harrison the Insane, Annoying Johnny brought in some guy named Anthony (Not THAT Anthony).  Anthony is a vampire who's adopted half a dozen Second Life kids (all female) whom he regularly gives money.  He's working on a malicious SecondLife viewer on the side, but it's not ready to use yet.

Besides those guys, Annoying Johnny aligns himself with Stark Booger-nose.  Booger-nose claims to have once been a member of the Patriotic Nigras, even though he can't name any of them and none of them seem to know who he is.  He is using their viewer though, which he claims to have written by himself.  Booger-Nose also  has a bunch of scripted griefer toys from like 1950, that he brings out occasionally.

There's also R2, who's actually kinna cool.  The trolls called him "beaner" like fifty times because he has a slight foreign accent.  The accent is a combination of Arabic and french though, so calling him "beaner" is kind of a fail.

Crashing Moose Beach
I didn't get on SecondLife until late last night, so by the time I TP into Moose Beach, Annoying Johnny is already pretty annoyed.  The trolls passed out his phone number all day and his E Girlfriend is mad at him for some reason.

"SHUT UP BOYD!"  Johnny shouts as I enter.  I guess he thought I was gonna troll him.  I probably would have eventually.

It was kind of hard to hear him though, since Cane/Oz was there, and, well, you know what that's like.

Pretty soon a zero-day-old account shows up with a stupid name.  That'll be booger-nose I recon.   Annoying Johnny has called in the retard greifer to take revenge on Moose Beach by crashing it.

Retard griefer Stark the Booger-nose starts throwing out replicating cubes with pictures of Hitler dancing on them.  In the old days, this would have crashed the sim pretty quickly, but the Lindens have toughened them up a bit since then so Booger-nose has to keep throwing them out.

About ten minuts into the process he gets popped.  A few minutes later, he shows up again with a new account to continue the effort.

By now, everyone has noticed the sim filling up with dancing Hitler cubes.  Having seen this a thousand times before, they respond by saying "look, it's cubes with dancing Hitler on them."

No sooner had I speculated that he just wasn't going to be able to crash the sim and it winks out of existence.

I TP to the adjoining sim to wait for it to come back.

Booger-nose IM's me to call me faggot and then proceeds to try and spam crash me.  Thanks to Phoenix, I don't even notice his attempts at first as they were dispatched pretty much immediately.

While the server software churns away, setting things to right, I decide to taunt Annoying Johnny through group chat.

"Our permacubes of doom will keep the sim crashed all night!"  he IM's me.

No sooner had I hit enter on my reply "uhh, what's a permacube, dickless?" and Moose Beach blinks back into existence.  80% of the dancing Hitler cubes are gone, and the rest start to pop out like cheap Christmas lights.

Let's Throw Johnny Under the Bus
Moose Beach is back in business!  Who's the first person to rejoin?  Insane Harrison.  Fuck me running.

Harrison picks fights with each new person as the join.  The result, logically, is a room full of people all fighting with Harrison.

Somewhere deep in his neanderthal brain, Harrison does the math and realizes he doesn't stand a chance here.  So, what does he do?

"What about the Johnny guy?  He Sure is annoying!"

Harrison throws Johnny under the bus.  So much for their fragile strategic alliance.

And the fight continues.  Who will win?  Probably the sane people and the regulars.  They almost always do in the end.  It might take a while to get there but that's my prediction.

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  1. just for giggles one of these eves I must come watch...................safely from a distance


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