Monday, October 11, 2010

Mean Girls of the Mall

They glide from mall store to mall store in packs.

Their echo location clicks give them early warning of cool guys, troll bait, rival girl gangs and bargains.

"That was so cool how you slapped down that bitch at  Hot Topic."
"She so deserved it."
"How long are we banned from there anyway?"
"Like I care about shopping at Hot Topic anyway?"

They meet up in the food courts (info hubs, welcome centers) to do battle.

"You bitches just wish you could be as cool as me."
"White Trash!"
"Valley Girl!"
"Hey there's Tristina, let's troll her."

There's a theory that these are the girls who weren't cool enough to behave like this when they really were in High School, so now they're getting their revenge.

I have another theory : It's the same damn people.  They never grew out of it.  On SecondLife, their glory days last forever.

Millions of dollars in equipment and bandwidth, thousands of hours of programming and development, and Linden Labs successfully offers an incredibly realistic, virtual, three dimensional,  recreation of the High School Mall going experience.

Fucking hell.

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  1. In 8th grade I was already they didnt deliberately provoke me...but I think youre so right, its the same ppl. Today being virtually taller doesnt intimidate those same ppl, so I tend to avoid all that (I'de like to think I grew up as well as old)


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