Monday, October 4, 2010

Linden Labs Ends Subsidies for Educational Sims

Linden Labs announced yesterday that their new sim pricing structure will end the policy of offering educational and non-profit organizations discounts on sim purchases and tiers.

Educational and non profit sims will now pay the regular price for full sims, but Linden Labs still offers discount pricing on homestead and open sims.

The move comes as a real blow to many groups who forged a presence in SecondLife during the years when discounts were offered.

In the days when growth was through the roof, along with cash flow, Linden Labs offered considerable discounts to subsidize educational and non-profit use of SecondLife, but those days are over and the company is having to carefully scrutinize all of their programs.  This change seems congruent with the Labs' earlier decision to close the teen grid.

Many educational users were already investigating moves to open sim grids to take advantage of the considerably lower costs there.  That may be a very good fit for them since most criticism of the open-sim grids centers around their lack of voice and a stable in-world currency, which educational users wouldn't use anyway.

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