Monday, October 18, 2010

The JLU Leak: What Really Happened: Sorta

This isn't the real origin story of the JLU, but it's not too far off.

With a platform like SecondLife, it'd be surprising if nobody decided to role play comic book characters.

It's kind of perfect for it. Everybody can fly and outrageous dress is the norm.

So a group of guys get together to play super heroes and the last guy to join has to play Aquaman. What happens next?

In SecondLife, what happened next was kind of strange.

There were guys who wanted to play super heroes, but then other people unwittingly started playing the other characters in the comic books.

Prokofy Neva played the bombastic but lovable journalist, J Jonah Jameson, always critical of the heroes.

The Lindens played the government, sometimes working with, sometimes hunting the masked vigilantes and thousands of regular SecondLife users played the public, needing protection.

Still, super hero role play is no fun without super villains, and unless somebody is willing to dress up like Lex Luthor once a week, you got no game.

Enter the griefers. From their nefarious deeds to their meme laden avatars, they are the perfect foils for our would be super heroes.

Like their comic book counterparts, the griefers come into this world with a disdain for the culture built up in it, and since they see no place for themselves in our cyber world, they decide to take revenge and destroy it, for the lulz of course.

It's not recorded, but can you imagine the look on the face of the first griefer throwing out lemon party cubes only to realize Superman was on his ass?

They played it off for laughs, but you could tell the griefers kind of dug their new role as super villains. Any actor would tell you, it's much more fun to play a bad guy.

They even put together their own Legion of Doom. Several of them, in fact, but the most notable was Woodbury University.

Founded by a real world college in california, the Woodbury sim became the favorite hang out point for like minded people from around the grid, whether they were actually ever students at Woodbury or not.

So, on one hand, you have a group of people wanting to disrupt life on SecondLife, and, on the other, you have a group wanting to disrupt the disruptors.

With a set-up like this, the comic book role play is pretty good. The good guys become the JLU and the bad guys become Woodbury, W-Hat etc. and both have a jolly good time pissing each other off.

Enter the Lindens. Woodbury's Animal House antics makes it hard to sell SecondLife to an unwitting public so they shut down the Woodbury sim and ban a bunch of the people who hung out there.

The griefers are mad. They're real mad. Butthurt beyond belief, they swear revenge on the Lindens and their old nemesis the JLU.

Their revenge takes the form of infiltrating the ranks of the JLU. Once inside they discover that the JLU keeps a database of encounters and intelligence on known and suspected griefers. (Surprise!) Not really though. I would have been more surprised if they weren't keeping this data somehow.

So they leaked the database which had all sorts of shocking stuff in it, like "So and So was griefing at Sandbox island at 11:30. We sent in an AR on him, then watched Comedy Central." or "So and So is a real poopy head. I bet he lives with his mom."

That wasn't the only shocking revelation to come from the leak though. It turns out, actual Linden Labs employees were talking with members of the JLU and approved of their work. I gotta tell ya, I nearly choked on my cheerios when I read that.

With full disclosure by the Alphaville Herald, the Legion of Doom fully expected SecondLife to rise up and crucify the JLU and Linden Labs for their sins.  What they got from SecondLife, was a quite audible "meh" and life went on.

The moral of the story kids is: if you don't want to get burned by the super hero role play, then don't play the game. If you don't act like a super villain, then nobody will confuse you with one.

It's really that simple. I know it's hard to keep up with what's real and what's not in a world like SecondLife, but come on!, it aint that hard!

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  1. I like this post, it made me chuckle and also recall what I like about SL: watching the wildlife and perhaps highlighting their deluded reality (for the LULZ of course Boyd :).

    I've been out of town (far away) btw but will stop by soon to say hi.


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