Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Aint About The Lulz

If trolling is all about the lulz, how come people rarely laugh when they do it?

Sometimes they do.  I know a pumpkin who just laughs his ass off when he trolls and usually so do the people he trolls.  It's not always that way though.

Today at Moose I heard a guy called "beaner" probably twenty times.  I hadn't encountered this particular troll before.  I was told his name was "Hades" and he was from Waterhead.  His account was about an hour old.

To be fair, the guy he was trolling was annoying and stupid and I've told him that myself once or twice.  I'm an asshole and I don't suffer fools lightly, but for the most part, confrontations with me last less than a minute and when it's done I usually TP out in hopes of finding something more interesting somewhere else.

Things weren't going well for Hades.  The "Beaner" parried his attack pretty well, so Hades called in Waterballz (or however you spell it) for reinforcement after I called him adolescent and stupid.  I don't know why he felt compelled to call in Yoda-troll for backup.  I guess this particular troll was important to him.  Important enough to come to Moose looking for him.

Nobody was particularly having fun though.  That's because, for some people, trolling isn't about the lulz.  It's about conformity and control.  It's about tribe and whatever sadistic pleasure they derive out of making another human being squirm.  You don't call a person you don't know "beaner" unless your purpose is to harm and belittle.

So don't give me this bullcrap that it's about the lulz.  It aint and you aint.


  1. The sad thing I continue to find is that if I AR that behavior....I get the notice that "due to server etc...your texture loading has failed etc". But............it seems that False ARs go thru just fine.
    Yes...I just bail out anymore when the drama starts...while it pains me...without back up there's little any of us can do. Such a waste of the opportunity provided here.


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