Monday, October 4, 2010

Fur and Hate

I don't know when or how this business of furry hate started.  A lot of it probably came from the simple fact that most people wouldn't have any interest in adopting it as a lifestyle, either in the physical world or a virtual one.

Besides being just kind of odd, there's an unusually large percentage of furries who are homosexual and  homosexuals have been the target of everything from simple jokes to execution for thousands of years.

If you ask most people who express furry hate, they would tell you it was a joke; you (and the furries) shouldn't take the internet so serious.

My question though, is where does it stop being a joke and start being real hate and bigotry or does it always remain a joke, even after the ten millionth iteration?

One thing that's fairly obvious about the furries is that they seem to enjoy it.  They also seem to be fairly normal citizens otherwise and they don't proselytize or try to force the behavior onto people unwilling to participate.

Under those conditions, you might expect most people to simply say "it's kinna weird, but they don't seem to do any harm, so let them do it."  We don't get that though.  We get "yiff in hell fur fag!"

A lot of it sounds like force, control and conformity to me :  you must look and act "normal" or we'll ridicule you until you do.  That doesn't sound like very much of a joke to me.

Certain groups like 4-chan, Woodbury and W-Hat seem all about conformity and control to me.  It's probably a natural result of the way they constantly harass each other and everyone else.  Not surprisingly, these are also hot-spots for furry hate.  Conform or die motha' fukka!

This drive for conformity is probably the seed for nearly all real hate in the world and I wonder if what we see with furry hate now isn't the start of something much larger and more dangerous.

Beyond the occasional gorilla suit, you probably won't see me with much fur, but, ya' know, if that's what you want to do with your time then I really don't much care.  To be fair, they would probably find what I do with my time pretty dull as well.

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  1. yep ive always wondered about the whole "hate a furry "thing


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