Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cubes of Butt-Hurtedness

Troll rules clearly state:  "He who demonstrates the most butt-hurt fails."

There are no set rules for demonstrating butt-hurt though, so you kind of have to look for the subtleties.

In a recent article at the Alphaville Herald, Pixeleen Mistral gives photo evidence that somewhere on the grid, he has mini hate shrines for Phillip Linden and Kalel Vinkman, complete with scripted objects showing how much time his hated enemies have spent in world over the past week or so.

Building a hate shrine for somebody is a pretty good sign you're the most butt-hurt.  There's one for me out there in the form of a blog, but it's kind of lame.

A lot of times, butt-hurt people don't realize their actions only make them seem more butt-hurt.  Pixeleen probably thought people would think his hate shrines for King Phillip and Superman were really cool, and that's why he posted pictures of them.

To be fair, Vinkman probably would have scripted objects to let him know when his enemies were online since that's how they'd do it in the comic books, but since his enemies have no stable accounts, there's really no way to make it work.

So, once again, everybody in unison repeat after me: "We're sorry the Lindens killed Woodbury Pixeteen, and we're sorry the Super Friends were on your ass.  Please try to get over it and be happy again."

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  1. I think I'll add a couple thousand tubes of Preparation H to my Christmas gift list. To help numb their minds, I mean asses.

    Wait, is there a difference between the two?


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