Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crappy Old Chicken Farms

I've written before how this early history of SecondLife parallels the early history of cinema.

As unlikely as it may seem, let's assume I'm right about this and take a look at what might be the future of SecondLife, if it really does follow the same path as cinema.

For the first ten years of cinema, there wasn't really anybody but the Edison company in it.  This was an extremely important time when cinema artists took elements from theatre, magic lantern shows, literature, music and painting and incorporated them into a functional language of cinema that set the stage for the next big step.

At about the ten year mark, Edison's miss-management and short-sightedness forced many cinema artists to leave their New Jersey nests to find places where they could practice their new art without Edison's dampening.

There were other elements at work here (like Edison's distaste for Jews in "his" business), but these early cinema artists found a new home as far away from new Jersey as they could get and remain in the United States.

They bought an old chicken farm in sparsely populated, dusty southern California and began what we now call "Hollywood".

Without Hollywood, people would have soon forgotten about Edison's Cinemascope.  How often can you watch a 20 second movie about a sneeze anyway? 

I think we're at that point with SecondLife.  There are guys now setting up crappy little studios in the chicken farms of OpenSim. Don't count them out.  They are probably the future.

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  1. Yes it was originally called "Hollywod land"...dry dusty, no water, but it tasted of freedom.

    I wished I could have found Secondlife in 2003, to have been in at the have been a pioneer in those virtual dusty streets. And yet...we are still pioneers.
    We will someday be the people that the new ones talk about.


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