Friday, October 1, 2010

Buy Out Rumors False

Yesterday I reported an internet rumor that Microsoft might buy Linden Labs.  Today it's revealed to be just a rumor.

Tizzers Foxdale from the Alphaville Herald admits to the fake.   And the internet yawned in disbelief.
"Is Tizzers Foxchase the ultimate industry insider – or the author of one of the most successful Second Life trolls ever?"
No, and no.  Tizzers is very impressed with Tizzers, but the rest of  us are not that interested.

Tizzers claims credit for exposing links between the JLU and the Lindens, but from what I can see both have carried on as if nothing ever happened.  All Tizzers and The Wrong Hands accomplished was publishing the JLU wiki so everyone can read it.

I'm not even sure what Tizzer's complaint was here.  The JUL collects information about SL avatars and makes it available to their members.  The Alphaville Herald also collects information about SL avatars and makes it available to everyone.  The only difference I can see is the format and the size of the audience.

The Lindens had two groups, one working against them (Woodbury, PN etc) and one wanting to work with them (JLU).  While I probably would have chosen not to work with the JLU, it's not surprising that the Lindens did, and if they did, it's kind of their right to do so.  They own the company.

I allow both sides of the conflict in Parktown, so long as they understand they're not to further the conflict while they're there.  The one time a JLU member came to Parktown, I asked him to remove his badge as it caused a scripts spike and he complied immediately.

I'm not even sure Tizzers knew the rumor was false either.  Profky speculates the rumor started with the departing Spike Linden as the time of the tweet was just before his farewell party.  Normally I wouldn't give that much credit to SL's most notorious complainer, but she might be right this time.

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