Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talking to Mrs Jesus

The Zoo was recently featured in the SL destination guide and we've been mobbed.

With the crowds came lots of lag, so I've been running around trying to snip bits of scripts here and there to lessen the server load and I noticed this guy who'd been sitting in the Zoo literally all day.

I figured he'd gone afk so I sent him home to help lower the lag.  A moment later I got an IM

Starborn Destiny: is there a no loitering rule here or are you just a dickhead

Boyd Doghouse: oh sorry
Boyd Doghouse: you'd been there for hours and it was getting pretty laggy
Boyd Doghouse: so I figured you had just walked away from your computer

Starborn Destiny: this should make for an interesting blog
Starborn Destiny: and i was going to bring all kinds of rich girls here who love donating to places like this
Starborn Destiny: to bad your an asshole though

Boyd Doghouse: lol sorry I was just trying to cut down the lag for the people who were coming in

Starborn Destiny: was just sitting there having a conversation with the sophia but wouldn't expect a low life like you to understand what that means

Boyd Doghouse: sorry no clue who sophia is

Starborn Destiny: wouldn't have thought you would
Starborn Destiny: The Sophia
Starborn Destiny: google it

Boyd Doghouse: all I get is sophia yates

Starborn Destiny:

Boyd Doghouse: you were talking to a book?

Starborn Destiny: she's christ wife dude

Boyd Doghouse: and you were talking to her?

Starborn Destiny: of course i was
Starborn Destiny: i am christ dumbass

Boyd Doghouse: oh
Boyd Doghouse: I would have thought jesus would dress better

Starborn Destiny: what he should dress like the phantom of the opera
Starborn Destiny: if i was you i'd hide in a cave to

Boyd Doghouse: to hide from jesus?

Starborn Destiny: yeah you prbly should
Starborn Destiny: he doesn't like you very much

Boyd Doghouse: okie dokie
Boyd Doghouse: have you taken  your meds today?

Starborn Destiny: yep
Starborn Destiny: been smoking pot all day long
Starborn Destiny: anything else clever to say or you done

Boyd Doghouse: smoking pot and talking to the wife of jesus?

Starborn Destiny: i'm copying this for the blog about dickhead zoo monkeyfuckers

Boyd Doghouse: coolio
Boyd Doghouse: lol you might appear in mine too

Starborn Destiny: don't be redundant dumbass

Boyd Doghouse: umm ok
Boyd Doghouse: I think my readers might get a chuckle out of this conversation

Starborn Destiny: they will

Boyd Doghouse: lol I think they will too

Starborn Destiny: send me a copy if theres any replies to it please

Boyd Doghouse: okie dokie

Starborn Destiny: thanx dick


  1. OK..send him my comment.....
    That must be some good stuff...I sold stuff for 30 years that never let me have conversations with imaginary friends in the sky.
    (And boy is the Pope gonna be so pissed when he finds out Jesus has been gettin' nookie all this time)

    BTW,you're much too polite Boyd.
    Must be all that southern gentleman up bringing.
    (and I'm serious about conversation with Jesus wouldn't have lasted nearly that long)

  2. I just searched this guys profile.

    When did Jesus become such an egomaniacal megalomaniac? So much for love thy fellow man.

    And he hangs out with rich girls and smokes pot all day. So Jim Morrison is the Messiah?

  3. I'm so disappointed that I've not gotten my "Thank You Masked Man" from Jesus...oh, thats right...none of you are old enuff to remember "The Fire Sign Theater" records...hmm, thats guys dont remember records!

    BTW...a few years ago I saw this sign in Guerro Negro, Mexico..."If Jesus was a Jew, how come he's got a Spanish name?" (just askin)

  4. Fire Sign Theatre was broadcast on WZZQ every week night when I was a kid.

    On the weekends they played King Biscuit Flour Hour.


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