Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rumors and Wins

RUMORS:  You'll hear lots of buzz going around about Microsoft buying out Linden Labs.  This appears to be a joke/hoax.  As jokes go, it's mildly amusing and a not-so-bad way to pass a few minutes.

UPDATE: Apparently the rumor is growing credibility.  LL has issued a "can neither confirm nor deny" statement on it.  I'm not willing to call it likely yet, although I have speculated before that LL is probably for sale.  The question is whether Microsoft would be interested.

WINS:  The Happy Hate Blog blinked last week when they set their comments to "invitation only", now they appear in full retreat having set the blog to read by invitation only.  So long and thanks for all the fish.  I hope you enjoy talking to yourself.


  1. Winning only counts if you get a prizeSeptember 30, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    WIN ? Now lets examine the evidence,
    1.The blog is closed down a couple of days after Glurp and Shazz return to Second Life. Are they the blogger ? Not enough time to write , or don’t they have the need to get their Second Life fix now they are back in world.
    2. The blog is closed a couple of days after Elouise Lane leaves Second life, has she finally taken the meds the Hanja clique said she needed.
    3. The blog is closed and the only person who noticed or cared enough to comment and claim a moral victory is Boyd.
    Verdict ?
    Boyd you’re a little bit sad to blog about yourself then white knight yourself and then goad yourself to reply Blog closed in time before those men in white coats came and got you.

  2. Oh dear another Anonymous spineless shitbag posting , go and crawl under your rock , the hate blog has by invite only , but dont you worry , every single page of your shit has and still is being sent to those that matter .
    also keep El out of this i know her well and she has her reasons but the one thing i can say is Vf is not her blog .
    You lost ....get over it fool

  3. You caught me. I wrote the happy hate blog myself to amuse myself and make myself seem more interesting.

    It woulda worked too if it weren't for those darn meddling kids and their dog!

  4. Nice to see one of the HANJA crowd remembers just how many of them Elouise spoke to in IM and how she not only listened to their real life and second life problems but even when they all turned on her enmass never once told what she knew, or used against them. Leave Elouise out of all this I for one hope in her new AV she is every bit as loyal a friend as she was before.

  5. Has Elouise given up her original account?

    One thing I'd like to point out here, Elouise commented on the Happy Hate Blog a few times, but she always did it under her SL avatar name, which put her miles ahead of the people who wrote the thing.

    I hope you're wrong and she hasn't given up her SL account.

  6. It appears the Happy Hate blog is back in business. Re-opening the blog after being made fun of for closing it in the first place = double fail.

  7. Scratch that. Closed again when the author revealed he/she was keeping up with how many photos are on my facebook account.


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