Friday, September 24, 2010

A Retraction

Earlier this week, I wrote that the Linden Labs Governence Team was out of control.  I'd like to retract that.

The G-Team is just a bunch of regular people doing a job.  From what I can tell and from what I've heard, they do it pretty well.

Sometimes the policies and procedures they're asked to enforce are illogical or ineffective, or just a pain in the ass, but that's not the team's fault.

One would think people in that position might suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, but I haven't seen or heard this to be the case.  It doesn't help that we customers want them to act like a lightning bolt when it's real griefers and trolls, but a chaplain when it's a dispute between users.

The only thing I would remind them is that customer service is so backed up right now it can takes weeks to straighten out a ban stemming from a false AR, and step cautiously on some issues.

It's not their fault it can take weeks to work out these issues, but it would help if they could keep it in mind before swinging the ban hammer.

I don't know what the Lindens do to keep these guys from getting power drunk.  It certainly didn't work on the mentors, even though they had no real power to get drunk over.

I realize the company is in a big period of flux right now as Phillip tries to re-wire everything away from M's vision to the Fast Easy Fun goal.  In times like these, it really pays to think ahead about how your job impacts the people in the next department and the next and ultimately the customer.

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