Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Really Nice Guy

I must say, Pumpkin Tripsa of Chakra Nova is the nicest guy.

I built an elephant house for the elephant exhibit at the zoo.  It was something I remembered as a child and always stuck in my memory.  What I learned later was that as part of the WPA during the Depression, our government paid for building zoos all over the country, and one of the exhibits they often built was for elephants and as the program often re-used designs, there were several nearly exact copies of the elephant house at our zoo all over the country.  They're quite old now and nearly all have been retired from use in keeping elephants.  At our zoo, the elephant house was converted to a restaurant, after a very, very through cleaning to get rid of the elephant smell.

So I built this elephant house for the Parktown Zoo, but it was missing a key decorative element.  I knew what I wanted and contacted Tripsa because I had already purchased his beautiful elephant fountain and hoped he would sell me the sculpted elephant head from the fountain.  Instead of selling it to me, he just said "here" and gave me the head full perms for my elephant house. 

He didn't have to do that, but I think it made a pretty big difference as the finishing touch on the structure.  Now it really looks like the elephant house I remember as a child.

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