Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mystery Multiple Cross-Hairs

I've heard reports about of certain avatars giving off multiple look at cross-hairs.  Sometimes as many as ten different ones, all gray or white.

Some people are freaking out thinking this to be an instance of copybotting.  That is not the case.  There are only a few viewers capable of copybot and none of them display multiple look at cross-hairs when copybotting.

Several people have looked at this and the consensus seems to be that the mystery multiple cross-hairs come from people using the METAbolt text based viewer as an unintended byproduct of how the viewer functions.

Since a lot of people use Metabolt for camping or shopping bots, you may often see these avatars at info hubs or welcome areas because they are forwarded there when the sim they were in restarts or crashes.

There seems to be nothing malicious at all about the multiple cross-hairs.  It's just a glitch in the way METAbolt was written.

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