Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Latest Server Build Eats Avatars

The latest server roll-out seems to be eating avatars.  First it was Pie and Samael and now it seems to be eating Sabre as well.

Symptoms include appearing to be online when you're not and not being able to get online once you're ghosted.

Fixes might include trying to log onto the beta grid using veiwer 2.0 or 2.1, but most of all file a ticket with customer support so they'll know this is happening.

If you used emerald but now use emergence or phoenix try uninstalling emerald and phoenix and doing a clean install.  the Phoenix devs swear this shouldn't be an issue, but a clean install is never a bad idea, especially with a program that uses so many bridges.


  1. Boyd there is a "fix" I'll get in world soon and send the the 10 poage note that explains it. Fortunately if you are on an estate if the estate owner restarts your fine...btw thats Lindens preferred. (doubt their really interested in restarting mainland eveytime it happens

  2. I'ma eat chu!!! Frikkin LL, always screwing with things. They might want to think twice about that when it comes to me. I'll give them indigestion so bad they'll puke me back up. I *think* my problems have been solved though. A relog will tell me for sure. They can take SL away from me when they pry it from my cold dead fingers!


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