Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Hate Fake Voices

I've just about decided that, at least on the internet, the twenties are an age perhaps more awkward than the teens.

Like teens, twenties on SecondLife tend to copy each other, and a trait they've copied from each other that drives me bananas is this godforsaken monotonic voice where they let their words trail off at the end like a balloon with a slow leak gradually deflating.

I don't know if this spawned in SecondLife or the gaming culture or real world hipsterism (although they all vehemently deny any hipster influence, they, of course, are all precisely hipster.)

You hear it in the voices of awkward twenties from all over the world, but it's all the same.  With few other cultural clues evident on the internet, the sound of one's voice becomes a key factor in displaying your membership in the "cool kid" clique.  Why not just wear a big button saying "I'm so unique that I'm just like all my friends"?

I suppose the purpose is to show you're unaffected by the trolling and the lemon party photos and the fart jokes and the rest of the junk that accompanies this awkward stage of life in certain circles, but all it really shows is that they're so concerned with fitting in with their peers that they're willing to change their voice to express some desire for inclusion.

I don't know at what age one gathers the confidence to go through life without trying to mimic their peers.  I suppose some never get there.  On SecondLife though, I'd be more than happy to inject some with said confidence so I never have to listen to that damn trailing, failing, trolling, labored effeminate, hippie hipster affected voice again.

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  1. Boyd..the older I get...the higher that age goes. welcome to what we senior citizens call "adulthood". it's an arbitrary age...some find it at 25....some just wannabe 20 odd forever it seems


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