Friday, September 17, 2010

Ends of the Spectrum

In terms of what's a reasonable position among people writing about SecondLife, the spectrum is pretty broad, but fairly well defined with Prokofy Neva's Second Thoughts on one end and The Alphaville Herald on the other and most reasonable, rational people somewhere in-between..

Both are fairly in love with the metaverse, and obviously spend a great deal of time thinking and writing about it, but both also do their best to express the position that they are entirely too cool for it.

Although they would each certainly like to eliminate the other, it's probably a very good thing both exist as they keep each other in check and the churning and pushing of these opposite forces keep the culture moving forward, sort of like how the U.S. boils all the world's political parties down into two uber-parties, both bent on each other's destruction, but to an outside observer, probably not very much different one from the other.

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  1. Having sampled both, I now never read either Alphaville or Neva. You've summed up the situation admirably.


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