Monday, September 20, 2010

Ascent Viewer

In the aftermath of Emeraldgate, some people are still out trying other viewers.

One you see mentioned occasionally is the Ascent Viewer, which recently made the TPV list by Linden Labs.

Ascent has many of the same features as Emerald/Phoenix, plus some new gadgets including "destroy" as a pie menu option, which apparantly only works on your own stuff by de-linking all the pieces.and making them physical, which is kind of fun, but only two more clicks if you do it from the edit menu.

Despite making the TPV list, I don't know that I would download Ascent because it's a fork of the Intertia client made by Hazim Gazov.  Gazov, you may remember, was the target of the DDOS attack by the Emerald browser.  Gazov is also associated with the Patriotic Nigras, and at one point hosted downloads for their notorious shoopedlife viewer.  Gazov isn't listed as one of the Ascent developers, and says he isn't associated with the project, other than providing the source code for Inertia.

I'm not sure why Linden Labs decided to approve Ascent.  Although the current developers seem like pretty straight up people, I can't imagine a worse pedigree for a viewer.  It may be great and harmless and all that, but I'm going to choose not to download it just to avoid any possible future script kiddie drama.

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  1. That Ascent was based off the Inertia source code doesn't in and of itself make Ascent the spawn of evil.

    If you do a diff on the code between Ascent and Inertia you'll see that all the non TPV compliant stuff has been taken out entirely which means that Ascent is a castrated version of Inertia.

    Which still makes it a pretty good viewer because Inertia also had a lot of the good stuff from snowglobe, imprudence and emerald too.


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