Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emerald Gate Update

With regards to Emeraldgate and the surrounding events, I'd like to point out something obvious: the system worked.

Problems with the Emerald viewer were quickly identified and corrected, and in the case of EMKDU, problems with the corrections were quickly identified and corrected again, even though conflicts over how the corrections were made induced team member LordGregGreg to leave the team.  Even with the (former) team leader not as forthcoming as he should have been: the system still worked.

I'd like to point out something else obvious: although Emerald's Arabella Steadham was criticized for saying there was no DDOS on because there was no actual denial of service, she has a pretty good point.  Whatever Hazim Gazov's theoretical damages in the incident were, his actual damages were zero.

Although annoying, Fractured Crystal's actions in this case produced no actual denial of service.  I should also point out that, as an individual, Gazov is far more sinned than sinned against.  It's true Fractured Crystal should have just ignored this douche bag and gone about his business, but let's not paint Gazov as some sort of innocent victim.

Last night, presented a panel of the entire issue of third party viewers. Moderator Phaylen Fairchild hosted panelists Toxic Menges, Gianna Borgnine, Angela Talamasca, Oz Linden and Joe Linden.  Many thanks to Polyhistor for the heads up on this event.

Although the broadcast itself was very useful, the most useful part came afterwords with an informal discussion between Jessica Lyon of Emerald, the show panel (minus the lindens) and the audience.

First, let me say I was very impressed with Jessica.  Although Arabella, head of the emerald team, said all the right things, last night Jessica made them quite believable.   She also impressed Emerald critic Talamasca, who several times said she thought Emerald was the best viewer out there despite her issues with the team.

Jessica  told us Linden Labs sent the Emerald team what amounts to a demand letter listing the things Emerald must do for Linden Labs to continue allowing them on the SecondLife grid.  While Jessica didn't elaborate on the specific items on the list, she made it clear the emerald team would comply as much as possible and as soon as possible.

Earlier, Phillip Linden posted on the LL website and in an Email to Emerald viewers that Emerald viewers should seek alternate viewers to access SecondLife should the worst happen and LL has to block emerald from the grid.

At this point there's no way to tell how likely it is LL will block Emerald from the grid.  Jessica indicated that emerald hopes to comply with the entire list but there may be at least one item they either don't have the resources to comply with, or infeasible to comply with, but they would still try.

Should Linden Labs block emerald from the grid, emerald users stand no chance at all of getting in trouble.  They will simply run into a screen when they try to log in saying they can't use emerald and give them a link to other viewers to download and use to access SecondLife.

This is by no means a definite outcome at this point.  Jessica did point out that should the emerald team find they cannot comply with the Linden Labs demand letter, they will just disband and there will be no more emerald, rather than trying to continue emerald underground and their talented group of developers and support people will seek other viewer projects to join.

Again, let me point out that it's not at all certain Linden Labs will block emerald from the grid.  The Emerald team is doing everything they can to comply with LL's demands and we should know what direction things are headed within a week.

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