Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did Chris Pirillo Cheat on his Second Video?

Realizing his first video review of SecondLife made him look kind of out of touch, Chris Pirillo returns to SecondLife with a resident to make his followup video review.

Admitting he was just plain wrong about SecondLife having nothing but "porn and gambling" in his first video, Pirillo uses his second video to attack SecondLife for its performance.

Watching his computer screen in the background of the video, I don't blame Pirillo for complaining about performance.  From what I could see, he was getting anywhere from ten FPS to less than one.

If the rest of the world got the kind of performance out of SecondLife that Pirillo gets in his video, there'd be nobody here.  The thing is, they don't get that kind of performance.  I know lots of people who use basically the same machine he uses in the video without complaints.

So what gives?  Why do they get better performance than Pirillo?  One clue might be the text to voice translator he uses.  You can see when the types and when he hits enter and when it pronounces the words and his voice synthesizer is lagging as badly as SecondLife.

Admittedly, SecondLife is a resource hog, but it's not that much of a resource hog.  I suspect there's something else running on his computer that's impacting the performance of both SecondLife and the voice synthesizer.

I don't know Pirillo well enough to call  him a cheater, but he's obviously concerned enough about the responses to his first video to make a second one.  You can tell by the way he reacts to the music stream that he's looking for something to pick apart.  He even says he has the music on auto-play, but leaves it on so he can do his Jerry Lewis impression when the music sucks.

I can't say for certain that Pirillo intentionally left open resource heavy applications while doing his SecondLife video review  to make it look like crap, but I know lots of people who use the same machine to access SecondLife and get much better performance with far less computer knowledge.

I guess that's my real complaint.  Pirillo knows enough about computers to make it so SecondLife runs much more smoothly on his machine, but he doesn't and I suspect he doesn't because he was on the spot for being so wrong and so out of touch with his first video review that he had to come back and find something else to pick apart in his second video review.

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  1. Boyd, That just might be spot on...
    Thanks... that he might be self serving just hadn't occured to me. {so much for my "streetwise huh?}


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